RA Tech Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Richard Foo, Founder of RA Tech

Under the nurture and care of Richard Foo, who has more than 45 years experience in the marine industry, RA Tech has grown into a thriving company and expanded rapidly from Singapore into Asia, China, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.

RA Tech serves our customers by providing them with quality services and maximum value. We are always looking forward to serving our customers with great value and assurance. Our company supplies and provides services that include..

Marine Consultancy Services:

Provides surveryors for sales and purchase and valuation of vessels.
Provides superintendents for vessel inspection and drydocking of vessel.
Provides management services for newbuilding and inspectors for newbuildings.
Provides consultancy services to shipyards.

Ship Repair and Drydocking:

With our vast network and experience, RA Tech provides drydocking of vessels for owners with value added services and market value.